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If You Have Come To This Page

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Saturday, 5 February 2011

About My English and Chinese Posts and Product Descriptions

Although Much of my site is in traditional Chinese I am converting many articles, products and videos into English. Feng Shui is a deep discipline that must be studied for decades. In my case I have studied and practiced Architecture, FengShui and Metaphysics for almost 3 decades under the great Masters and in University. It is not my place to discourage you from seeing people whose knowledge may not be as deep but I do encourage you to consider carefully when selecting a FengShui Master. A "REAL" Master of FengShui has the ability to improve your life significantly. I encourage you to seek out the best you can find. For more information about me please visit my various sites by clicking on the GOLD links to the left of this post. Thank you and have a beautiful day.

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